Merits case 4

Integration of resident foreigner citizens in suburban neighbourhoods

In the peripheries of big cities there are many examples of multi-ethnic neighbourhoods. The “quartiere satellite” of Pioltello (Milan) is one of such: 10.00 inhabitants, more than 80 nationalities represented, buildings decaying buildings and a very poor social and relational capital. In a project that will involve the municipality, social cooperatives, the schools of the area and the residents of the “quartiere satellite” the Merits rewarding model will produce ecosystems where social start-ups created by the students and the inhabitants will be supported giving  merits  used to acquire “incubation and acceleration services”.  Volunteering to improve the public spaces and the homes of the inhabitants will be also rewarded with merits (that will be used to purchase goods and services at local shops) and to facilitate the exchange of skill and resources between the inhabitants, a time bank will be created and the management of which will be gradually left to local volunteers.