Merits case 2

Facilitating the integration of newcomer’s women trough mentoring

In this experimental project we are working on a mentoring model to facilitate the integration of migrant’s newcomers’ women that reunite with the husband regularly working in Italy. The basic concept is simple: with the integration office of the municipality we are choosing which behaviours are good KPI’s of integration of the newcomers. Then, depending on the arrivals foreseen, we will choose with which nationalities we will work and will create and train teams of 2 mentors (1 Italian mentor, 1 woman, already significantly integrated and proficient in Italian, from the chosen nationality) and 3 newcomers’ women of a specific nationality.  The team receives specific goals of integration and all the members are rewarded with merits when the goals are reached. Merits will be spent to buy goods and services in a network of local shops and public services. The local shops will be refund with euros.